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“Within the child lies the fate of the future.”― Maria Montessori

Welcome to Morningside Montessori School



We warmly invite you to explore our website, schedule a tour, call us with questions, and see for yourself all that MMS has to offer children 18 months through kindergarten.

Montessori Education is about understanding and aiding the natural process of child growth and learning.


Montessori is a revolutionary method of observing and supporting the natural development of children. Montessori educational practice helps children develop creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and time-management skills. Montessorri contributes to society and the environment, and to become fulfilled children/adults in their particular time and place on Earth. The basis of Montessori practice in the classroom is mixed age groups. Individual choice of research and work, and uninterrupted concentration.

Montessori is the fastest growing and most successful method of education today.




The Montessori educational method and philosophy was created by an Italian physician, psychologist, and anthropologist, Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900's. She believed that education should develop a child's intellectual skills and nurture a child's innate desire to acquire knowledge through self-discovery.




In a Montessori classroom children work within a well prepared and structured environment, development of senses through multi-sensory materialslanguage artsmathematicsgeometrygeographyhistory, sciencebotanyzoologyartmusic, and physical exerciseEach area is designed to help the child grow at their own pace, lessons are matched to each child's individual progress, thus, allowing the child to gain self-confidenceindependencephysical and social development, as well as academic achievement. Other enrichment activities include SpanishArtYogaCreative MovementGardeningMusicComputers, and Cooking.



The attractive Montessori teaching materials allow the children to explore each subject area at their own pace and style. The classroom environment is aesthetically pleasing and organized for the child's enjoyment and convenience. Areas for learning are well defined, yet the classroom is open for all of the children to observe others at work and discovery. The Montessori environment helps the child in developing a personal sense of orderconcentrationindependencerespect for oneselfothers, the planet, and the "love of learning."



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The simple reason the Montessori method works is that it meets the developmental needs of children.

With a traditional educational curriculum, one size must fit all. Such a curriculum is based more on the needs of adults than the needs of children. With Montessori theory and practice, each child creates a custom course of study group self-selected activities, guided by a trained Montessori teacher in a carefully designed learning environment. The method is based on observing the activities of each child. The trained adult observes and assists as appropriate, but it is the child's self-directed and purposeful activity that leads to greater independence and concentration.

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