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Extra-Curricular Activities

Spanish Class

Learning the Spanish Language is a definite advantage for our children. Two times a week students will participate in a thirty-minute class to learn Spanish in a fun and developmentally appropriate way. Our goal is to provide your child with useful and meaningful Spanish language experiences.

Yoga Class

Once a week students enjoy a thirty-minute yoga session with teacher Courtney Just. Upon taking her first yoga class Courtney became a dedicated practitioner and teacher, enjoying both the strength and serenity that yoga offers. Hoping to share her practice with some of her favorite people; children, Courtney became a certified kid’s yoga instructor to round out her yoga teacher training. She has taught yoga at several South Florida Montessori and other surrounding private schools. Read More at

Creative Movement

Creative Movement is the exploration of the multitudes of ways the human body can move. Students participate weekly in a thirty-minute session as we encourage exploring their own boundaries in a healthy and nurturing environment.

Ancestral Vibrations Workshop

Alan Reyna is a world music percussion player and master teacher, as a trained facilitator of Remo Health Rhythms, he brings a scientifically proven healing method to children through drumming. Alan is a deep believer in the therapeutic aspect of drumming.

Visit his website at

Reading for Success Workshop

Each student is given one-on-one instruction at the pace that's just right for them. The focus is developing a strong foundation in phonics, comprehension based on visualization, and the "whole language."  As students’ progress in their Primary Phonics workbook exercises, they practice and apply new skills with the phonetically controlled storybooks, as they learn to become independent readers.

Cultural Studies Workshop

MMS is an active participant in the Bass Museum of Art's education outreach program. Children enjoy fun and interactive presentations based on exhibitions. Through hands-on art activities and role-playing, students become inspired by making connections between modern and historical artwork in a 60-90-minute exploration with Ms. Marianna; museum educator. 

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